Preventing off-target spray drift


Video on preventing off-target spray drift Physical and inversion drift can move product away from the spray target and cause significant, unintended crop damage. This animation explains the factors that can cause physical and inversion drift and shares key best management practices for growers.

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Grains Research and Development Corporation

Focus Areas

Spray quality for Plant Protection Products reduction New spray application techniques Spray drift reduction

Crop Type(s)

Open field vegetables

Technology Type(s)

Automated System (Including Unmanned Vehicles), Component

Operation Type(s)

Plant Protection Product application, Protection of Crop Spraying Products applicator

Crop Sprayer Type(s)

Horizontal boom sprayers


Mitigate diffuse sources of pollutions, Optimize the precision of spraying (ex : Tools for sprayer adjustment, Spraying performance assessment, etc.), Reduce point sources of pollution



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