Monitoring medfly adult populations in Central Greece – Collection of historical monitoring data


Background historical data on adult monitoring and fruit infestation from the area of our experimentation have been collected, organized and analyzed for the years 2008-2009 for a coastal (Lehonia, Volos) and an upland site nearby (Pelion mountain), along with meteorological data. In total, the results from 3 projects are available concerning conventional and organic farms, 159 traps set up accordingly and collection of fruits both in On- and Off- season periods was assessed. After gathering and analyzing the data from 2-year experimentation in various farms and hosts, it is concluded that season peaks in population fluctuations are in the same trend as our findings in the FF-IPM Pilot site. Also, conventional farms illustrate lower populations, as expected, while regarding fruit infestation, the results highlighted citrus, pomes and peaches as the most infested fruits, as also found in our current FF-IPM study.

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Vassilis Rodovitis, Kostas Zarpas, Nikos Papadopoulos, Stella Papanastassiou, Cleopatra Moraiti

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Commercial Orchards (organic & conventional)

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Role of Insect Population Monitoring on novel Crop Protection methods


Develop and validate novel OFF- & ON-Season precision IPM strategies for Ceratitis capitata management in complex landscapes, Optimize IPM system management tools, Role of background data series


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