Precision Sprayer Benefits Growers and the Environment


A team of Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists, along with several university partners, began a collaboration in 2009 to develop an intelligent spray-control system that uses laser vision (LiDAR) to map the size, shape, and foliage density of a tree or plant and then applies a custom-tailored dose of pesticide based on foliage volume. In contrast, typical crop sprayers apply a “one size fits all” dose of pesticide—which can result in waste and drift and raise costs.

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Sue Kendall

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Orchards & Vineyards

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Field mapping, Guidance, Plant Protection Product application


Human exposure to chemicals, Optimize the precision of spraying (ex : Tools for sprayer adjustment, Spraying performance assessment, etc.), Pest pressure, Pesticide residue on product, Soil protection, Water protection


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