RMCA – A set of multi-entry identification keys to African frugivorous flies (Diptera, Tephritidae)


Fruit flies belong to a large family of flies called Tephritidae, and a number of them cause considerable damage to crops. In Africa, the cultivation of fruit and vegetables is greatly hampered by these insect pests. Before research and pest control programs can be established, the correct identification of pest species is necessary. Such identification is based on the use of traditional dichotomous identification keys, also known as ‘single-access’ keys (two choices for each identification step).

However, the technical specific terminology used in these keys is a stumbling block for non-specialists who are unfamiliar with the morphology and taxonomy of fruit flies. Moreover, when these keys are used, identification fails when users cannot respond to a question in the key (because they lack the needed taxonomic expertise, or the key is not clear enough, or the specimen is damaged, etc.).

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Massimiliano Virgilio, Ian M. White, Marc De Meyer

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