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The key contains characters to differentiate between adults of 29 fruit fly species of the subfamily Dacinae, that are considered of economic significance to the agriculture and horticulture in Sub-Sahara Africa. This key is composed within the framework of the STDF (Standards and Trade Development Facility) project F³ Fruit Fly Free: Establishment and maintenance of fruit production areas free and under low prevalence of fruit fly pests in southern Africa. It includes all major pest species of the genera Bactrocera, Ceratitis, Dacus, Trirhithrum and Zeugodacus regularly encountered in surveying, detection and pest control activities. The key provides subsets of species for different geographic regions on the continent (western, central, eastern, southern Africa) as well as the islands of the Western Indian Ocean. In addition, for each species a condensed datasheet is provided with the basic information regarding morphology, biology, host range, distribution, impact and management. Also, links to more extended information sources have been included for each species.

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